VW Bus with Dinosaur Skull

Bus with Dinosaur Head

VW Bus with Dinosaur Skull
VW Bus with Dinosaur Skull


So it’s not everyday you see a 60’s bus with a Dinosaur Skull strapped to the top. Its a pretty awesome skull. Looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull. I wonder where they got it and what the background story is on it. I googled and tried to find the story on this picture as I just found it online. I didn’t find anything. It did bring up an idea that the VW Bus is kind of a dinosaur in some senses. People love to keep them alive, look at them and idolize them… almost making them into whatever they dream them to be. Dinosaurs are kind of like that as well…. that’s deep :)

Hope you enjoy the picture. I thought it was pretty awesome. If you know the story of this bus, please comment or contact me. I’d love to know more.

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