How to Make a Bungee Cargo Net

So, my parents did this for their bus and I thought it was a pretty good idea so I did it and documented it.

Basically on the top of my bus there’s a cargo area with cleats to tie down… well… cargo. I’ve never personally done that but I plan to and so I decided to make this.

Go to a Walmart automotive section and buy the 20 piece assorted Bungee Cords. I think they cost like $10. Please note that it’s not empty when you buy it. Here’s a picture of the container:
DIY - VW Roof Net - Walmart Bungees

Then I pulled out some scissors and tie-wraps… gotta have zip ties and I have a ton. Yup, took a pic of that too. Excessive? I think not. Here it is:
DIY - VW Roof Net - Tools

Basically, I was able to make 2 roof rack bungee things… one smaller and one larger. Here’s the pictures of the cords I used.
DIY - VW Roof Net - Green and BlueDIY - VW Roof Net - Red and Yellow

I hooked the cords up with a slight interlace and put some zip ties on them. Here’s some freaking pictures.
DIY - VW Roof Net - Small NetDIY - VW Roof Net - Big Net

Just so you know, I used double zip ties. I know, some people think it’s excessive, but if it’s not over-engineered, it’s something made by me.
Double Zip Tie Craziness

So there you go, out of the $10 bungee package is 2 cargo tie thingies that I think I’ll maybe use sometime. Do I need two? Prolly not, but why not? Maybe some day I’ll be traveling down the road and there will be some dude with a bus (same model as mine) and he’ll be standing there wanting to tie down some stuff. I’ll have stuff on top of my bus but it’ll be tied down. And I’ll have a extra bungee tie down thing that I can give him and I’ll have saved the day… And so can you.


2 thoughts on “How to Make a Bungee Cargo Net

  1. I really like the cargo net idea, I may have to try to make one of those. Just wanted to let you know – the "cheapie" zip ties/cable wraps have no UV protection and will become brittle over time. It will take months/years so it's not a big deal for this project probably. If you're using cable ties outdoors the ones labeled "UV resistant" are best, they won't last forever either but they'll last a lot longer.

    For extra protection you can wrap the cable ties (even the cheapies) with a layer of Scotch 33 or 88 tape, it will protect them from UV. If you do a google search for "zip ties UV" you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know on the subject.

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