Bus Benefit 2015 – Buses By The Beach

This will be our 6th year going to the annual Bus Benefit. It’s a charity festival of sorts. There are usually close to 100 buses, vanagons and other VWs there enjoying a ton of music, games, food and good people. Do you have to have a VW? Nope, you don’t. I’ve seen people come in […]


Converted Fuel Injection to Dual Carbs

I had stock Fuel Injection on my Type 4 engine for years and after constant prodding by my mechanic to switch, I gave in and changed over to Dual Weber Carbs. Holy Crap! I wish I had done this years ago.

Ithaca Bus

Twin Buses Spotted 900 Miles Apart

So, earlier I posted about a bus I saw on Tybee Island. One of the guys that reads my blog, Mat W. from Ithaca, NY contacted me to say he had a Sportmobile Bus with the same exact paint job! Here’s Mat’s bus.. a 69 Bay Window he has in Ithaca, New York: and Here’s […]

Tybee Island Bus

Bus Sighted on Tybee Island, GA

We were out walking around Tybee Island off the coast of Savannah Georgia and spotted this sportsmobile bus! It’s a 2 tone teal and white paint job and was pretty cool. I didn’t get to talk to the owner but it was parked right next to the Arby’s at the end of the strip. I […]

Blue Bus

Goodbye Blue Bus

On Sunday, I sold the Blue and White 1971 Bus the kids affectionately called “Chicken Bob”. All of the work had been finished on it for a few weeks and really was just waiting on the logistics of the buyer being in town and getting the money. Supposedly, the bus is going to be used […]

Fixed Engine

Blue Bus is All Fixed and Ready to Sell

Jules and I went out to the mechanics on Friday morning cause we thought it was done. Well, it wasn’t but we used the time to catch up with Henry and Javier and explain more about the bus as well as our plans with our Green 78 Bus.  He had spent the morning running around […]


12 Volt Fridge for 78 Bay window Bus

As our attention turns from the 71 Bus to our 78 Bus and the upcoming trips we have planned, we took a look at the interior. Historically we have used the cooler that is in the westy interior. It works surprisingly well and keeps things very cold for a decent amount of time. Use Blocks […]


Carbs and Fuel Lines and Clutch are Wrong

The thing I really like about my mechanic, Henry, is that he’s very honest with me and he tells me things in a way that I don’t feel like an idiot. I learn when I talk to him. He’s also extremely reasonable and works with me based on what my goals for the car are…. […]

Blue Bus in the Snow

Blue Bus in the Snow

I shoveled part of the driveway to the back garage in a really crappy I-don’t-care way so that I could pull the bus out to our front garage. Julie decided to do the rest in a woman-on-a-mission way and got all of the ice off.  I moved the bus to the front and got it […]

Mouse Nest in rear of tube

What I did today March 8-10th, 2014

On Saturday I tried once again to tune the Carbs on the bus and really just got to a point where they would had the same idle… the same high idle (1500RPM). I give up. I’m taking it to my mechanic this week and asking him to do the final tune. He’s got 30 years […]